Friday, September 10, 2010

Living Organisms....

I'm having a good deal of difficulty maintaining organized thought long enough to get a decent blog post together. Here is one I started recently then got distracted:

Our bodies are made up of millions of diverse living cells, each a single living thing in its own right needing food, shelter, and a place to leave its waste. The waste of one cell may be another cell's fillet mignon. Together, when they are all living their lives properly, they combine to be you or me.
When cells, for whatever reason, quit pulling their load.

Families are living organisms. Symbiotic creatures that need each other to survive. When one (or more) of them quit living right, the unit suffers. Maybe dies.

By the time I returned to the text I had forgotten where I was headed. I'm afraid it is a symptom of CBGD. If I am going to continue this blog, you and I are going to have to accept that its deterioration is part of it. I am going to accept that disjointed drivel means something too.


On a side note, my hummingbirds seem to be feverishly stocking up for their winter migration.