Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Milestone.....

"The suicide clause is designed to prevent people who are contemplating taking their own lives from obtaining life insurance. To accomplish this, the clause states that if the insured commits suicide within a specified period of time, the policy will automatically be voided. Once the mandated period of time has elapsed, the insurance company must pay the claim even if the insured commits suicide."

Today is the day! The two year suicide exemption date has passed on a life insurance policy I bought shortly after I was diagnosed with CBGD.

I am not checking out soon but knowing I can (financially) is a great burden lifted.

The thought(s) of my family being burdened with the weight of my care is more than I can handle. Hopefully, I will have the will, the courage, and the resources to spare them.

Selfishly perhaps, I also would like to end life with a smile on my face and a sliver of dignity left.

The real trick is going to be having the wisdom to see when the time is right. I have more to accomplish!