Thursday, April 8, 2010

Falling Trees, We Are......

Based on scientific cosmological observations, the known Universe is estimated to be 13.75 billion years old (plus or minus .17 billion years). The Earth is only 4.54 billion years old and the Sun cranked up about 30 million years earlier.

It took 800 million years for the first living cells to form on the earth. There have been multi-celled creatures on the Earth for 1 billion years and simple animals for a brief 600 million years. Mammals have been shedding hair for 200 million years and birds have existed for 150 million years. Dinosaurs gave the planet up 65 million years ago.

Human ancestors (genus Homo) first appeared 2.5 million years ago and man as he appears today made his entrance 200,000 years ago. The Christian religion has existed for 1,977 years. I have been breathing for a minuscule 58 years.

How funny is it that we give such importance to our personal existence when in the relation to cosmological time our entire species has not existed but milliseconds?

Don't even get me to talking about space and our relative size.
Being a science nut for as long as I can remember, I have always struggled to find meaning in my existence knowing my time here is short. Truly, my existence would have been nothing without love, family, and friends. We don't exist except for the impact we have on other lives.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The philosophical extrapolation of that question is "If a person lives and no one is impacted by his/her actions, did he/she ever exist?" I say no.

As I try to find peace in my short time left I am confident that I "existed." I loved a wonderful woman who gave me my son.
I became a "Dad" for two children who likely would have grown up without one.

I heard my father say, "I'm so proud of you" and my mother look at me as if I could part the sea.

There is so much more! I have lived! I am at peace.

If there is a message in this post it would be to encourage you to tell the people who have impacted your life that they made a lot of noise when they fell in your forest.


  1. Good for you my friend... so many people live long and never find that peace.

  2. You are a wise one, you are. And paint truth with words. I'd love it if you'd share with my Pantheist friends at
    In fact, I wish you'd share with the world.
    I'm very pleased to read you.

  3. Hey CW! Great entry... as usual! :) You truly have a gift!

    Your post was past tense. Now, since you're at peace, maybe you can focus on your FUTURE!! Yes... there is SOOOO MUCH MORE! :)

    Oh... and about one of your earlier posts... tears reveal your heart. It's OK to 'sob' bob.

  4. You make BIG noise Bob, and you have so impacted my life.Your earlier post made my heart sad, is it happening so fast? there is still so much time I think. Dr Boeve thinks CBD can be slow moving for years yet. I want to believe that for you and for Kel. When you show vulnerability to superwoman, i think that makes her feel needed too. Kel tries not to ask for my help , he wants to do everything himself , no matter how much time it takes, or how frustrated he gets, so many times i wish he would ask me, when i try to step in he says no, he will do it.
    Please know you are heard by many , and i look so forward to your words, you make me smile, laugh ,reflect, cry..i try to think this is how Kel must feel too, and then I gain understanding. You are HEARD loudly.

  5. Jimmy,
    Some days are more peaceful than others. :)

    Fay's Too,
    Thanks. I will definitely check it out.

    There's no cryin' allowed from men of the South. We often suffer in silence.

    I think of you two daily. You are one of the reasons I persevere to blog. Some good may come of it.

  6. Oh CW... whoever taught you that about crying was so so so wrong!!! Don't you know that if your eyes don't leak, your head will swell? It's a FACT! I know some of those 'men from the south'... and the north... and the east... and the west. God knows your heart! Why not share your heart with Superwoman? Take notes from Karla... .. .

  7. Although I agree with your words, and they are an inspiration, I must say you are stronger than I.

  8. So true...those are important things you've shared, I nned to read more because i dont really know too much about your situation..well I just looked up what CDBG is..and I thought it sounded like Lou Gehrigs at first..but now I understand a little more...I am sorry to hear this..but part of me feels that you have something that many dont..peace of mind..!I will read on..

  9. jadedj,
    I don't think it's strength as much as denying the reality of the situation.

    Thanks for visiting and for the encouragement. It is often hard to push back the curtain of my illness to see the light of my blessings.

  10. "love, family, and friends. We don't exist except for the impact we have on other lives." ...The first time I ever clicked on your blog was enough "impact" for are a strong wise one Bob, and you will keep having an impact for I know I am only one who has crossed your path of wisdom and have lived sir, and are living. You inspire me to make sure we all participate in the impact of our words and actions. Peace my brother.

  11. Ahhh, but you alsso know the butterfly theory wherein everything no matter how small impacts everything else and can produce an infinite number of outcomes, only one of which you have in some way chosen. In one way all your actions are cosmic. As energy a thought is neither created or destroyed. But you arranged it in a truly unique neverending way.

  12. King,
    Thanks! You humble me.

    Uncle Bad,
    Butterflies can be some bad dudes, evidently. :)


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