Saturday, July 10, 2010

Call Me Rock...

Superwoman (my wife) has had a tough week. I won't share the details here, but the rocks in her backpack are weighing on her.

The "backpack" analogy was first told to me by a Viet Nam veterans' counselor. Everyone has their own backpack to carry around, all day, every day. In this backpack we place rocks (burdens). Sometimes we pickup a big, heavy rock, like the loss of a friend or loved one. Often we pickup small ones like the laundry cart that dings your new car. While the small ones don't weigh much individually, continually picking them up and tossing them in your pack will soon outweigh a boulder. Some of us carry rocks made of anticipated burden.

The trick is learning how to take rocks OUT of your backpack. Pick a rock....any rock. Say the one made of worrying about some future event that may not even happen. Envision reaching back and grabbing that rock. Feel its weight. Identify what it's made of, take a big wind-up, and throw it as far as you can. Then leave it where it lands. (I usually throw mine into deep water).

You'll never empty your backpack, but you can sure lighten the load. With practice you'll even quit picking up some rocks altogether.

Superwoman picks up every rock she can reach. She even picks up other people's rocks. Some people are willing "rock-givers" (co-workers, children) and she takes them too. While she is strong and can carry a big backpack, I worry about her.

I worry about the size of the rock that is made of ME. Ironically that is one of MY rocks.



  1. You are an incredible individual. This is one of the most inspiring things I have ever read. I mean it. Every time I come over here, I am just blow away by your words.

  2. make that blown away...arthritis and fingers sometimes don't do what the keyboard and my mind want to do.

  3. My Daddy once asked me if I'd rather be squashed by a ton of rocks or a ton of feathers! My child-like reply was, "Duh, Daddy... FEATHERS!"
    Whether we're 'blowing' our worries away or 'skipping' them across the water, one day our backpacks WILL BE EMPTY! :)
    Great analogy CW!!

  4. WOW, this one i love. I am going to imagine my backpack, and when it gets too heavy, i will start to remove some stones. There are days when i do feel so weighted down, but can have a good cry and then i am better.
    I have shared your blog with many of my friends and family. You will be meeting lots of them. see you soon. K

  5. I think I too am like that.. I pick up every rock along the way, even of those around me...I am not sure how to learn to throw rocks away though!

    very inspiring post..

  6. That rock that is shaped like is much lighter in weight than you will ever realize to Superwoman. Love makes it lighter. she will learn she has to throw some rocks out to be able to care for the ones that really matter. You two are in this together. Don't deprive her of her need to do what she can for you. She'll be ok.


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