Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birds to feed.....

I am STILL out here!  Or at least a shadow (or echo) of myself is.

Time seems to pass differently for me now.  Superwoman (my wife of nearly 25 years) wakes before sunrise to get a workout in before quietly leaving for work.  I sleep in until whatever time my bladder decides to get me up.  Thankfully, I have a very tolerant bladder and often sleep past 9 AM. 

I am still able to shower and dress myself though the effort leaves me a tad drained.  I am gratefully alone most days.  "Gratefully" because I am self conscious of my appearance, my tremors, and social interchanges (even minor ones) exacerbate my symptoms.  The time alone also allows me have mental conversations with the meaningful people in my life.  I fear that I may never actually have those meaningful talks and leave this earthly plane with doubts in their minds. 

If there was one thing I would say to them all it would be, "I am NOT afraid."

It is extremely difficult for me to write a coherent post for this blog therefore I often think of blurbs that I should write about but either I forget them or they seem shallow in the light of day.  I will try to keep you posted but I have birds to feed and tomatoes to water.

I still take an occasional photograph.  This was a recent visitor to my feeders.



  1. Always a pleasure reading you. Bon courage.

  2. Hey, I can honestly say I share many of the same kinds of thoughts and feelings. You make sense. It helps that I too have tremors and movements that set me apart visually, and particularly when I am in social situations. We certainly do respond neurologically to the presence of other people and the disabilities are exacerbated. Hang in there and thanks for your honest post.


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