Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Know that I hear you.....

 Over the nearly four years since I began this blog, I have been moved, motivated and sometimes crushed by the comments that individuals have posted in response to my blog.  Though I sometimes don't respond directly to the commenter, I DO read and reread, with great interest, the words they took the time to share with me. 

An "Anonymous" person commented on my last post:

"How can I NOT respond to this? But I don't have the words. You've always been the one with the beautiful words...a big scrapbook full of beautiful, loving words. You are the most remarkable, caring, thoughtful, loving man I've ever known. There was never a problem you couldn't fix or any obstacle we couldn't face...you are truly the "jack of all trades, master of ALL." Even in the face of this monster that's before us, you continue to be the solid rock you've always been. You are an incredible husband, father, grandfather, son, and brother, and I'll love you forever and always."


"Superwoman" has been my pseudonym for my wife.  Though everyday, in so many ways, she tells me she loves me, this "comment" came at just the right time.  It lifted my spirits and gave peace to my troubled mind.  Thank you!


This year's hummingbird migration has been spectacular!  I don't believe I will see another.


  1. Superwoman is just that , and quite fitting being that she's married to Superman..never have I seen the likes of so many Hummingbirds like that..what a wonderful experience to see every year, thank you for sharing it...I'll have to try and capture some NYC pigeons in the near future though no way as cool as this video...wow. always a pleasure my friend. Cheers from NYC. :-)

  2. I started following your blog a little over two years ago.... just days after finding out that my father was afflicted with the same disease. Unfortunately, he progressed quickly, and only 23 months after dx, he passed away. This is an awful illness, and living with it, or in spite of it, like you and my father have, takes an immense amount of courage. Courage to wake up every day, courage to love others in spite of your prognosis, courage to resist bitterness and anger. I will miss my dad forever, but I will always applaud him for having the heart to stay himself in spite of a terrible disease. You deserve this applause as well, and while I have read for some time that you hear those that comment, know that you have been heard, too. Know that your voice here provided for me a place to gain perspective on what was happening to my own dad, a source of camaraderie in a perilous time, and the reinforcement in the belief that we are more than simply the sum of our biological parts, in that we have value to the world around us. I hear you, and I want to thank you for speaking up.

  3. King,
    It's always nice to hear from you. During my visits to New York, I found it difficult to take a photo in which there WASN'T a pigeon. :)

    I am sorry about your Dad. If he rode this metaphorical horse to the end of the road, he was a brave man indeed. Thanks for your kind words!


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