Monday, February 1, 2010

Line in the Sand.......

I've started at least three separate posts over the last few weeks, only to become disgusted with myself for being so negative. I certainly have loads of good in my life and should count my blessings. Ironically my math skills seem to be slipping away, making counting more difficult.

We had a bit of an ice storm recently. I spun out my company Jeep and hit a freeway center barrier. I'm basically a one-armed driver now and don't know if that had any bearing on my ability to avoid the crash.

As my condition worsens I worry that perhaps I can't recognize the impact it is having on my behavior. When do I know it's time to quit driving, working, living. There is no line in the sand...... at least not one that I can see.


  1. You are probably being too hard on your self regarding the car crash. It was obviously the weather that must have caused the accident - as for the line in the sand, don't worry about it until you can't see it.. i.e. if you can't see it, it isn't there yet.. so you just stay strong and keep going :)

    As for the posts, even if they are negative - just publish them, let it out (IMHO). You just wrote what you felt - don't worry about how it looks to your readers

  2. If you want to know from what I observed about my mom, she had to stop when her hand started clenching and she couldn't readily let go. She knew when it was time and gladly gave me the keys. You will know. Still praying for you and superwoman.

  3. Oh CW!! I can't even fathom what you must be going thru! My heart aches for you and "Superwoman"! :(
    When you can't see the 'line in the sand', look for the 'Footprints'! Trust your own instincts, your wife's feelings, and most of all... the One that knows how many sand pebbles are in the 'line'... and the 'Footprints'! :)
    I pray for you EVERY DAY CW!

  4. I lost my ability to count and had to stop working. That was the first thing that I really noticed and started to investigate what was happening to me. Now they suspect that I have CBGD.

  5. Hey Bob, math became difficult for Kel too. Hey there is going to be a benefit July 17th in Iowa for CBD and Kel that my high school classmates are putting together, it will be a bike ride in the morning, then a concert that night by THE DOGS. KInda of overwhelming and humbling that so many want to do this. By doing this and money will be donated to Mayo Clinic for CBD research, i think Dr Boeve will see Kel for an eval and give us a second opinion. Kel is becoming more forgetful I have noticed but he is doing the treadmill 5 times a week and using small weights to strenghen his arms. Anyhow.. want to come to Decorah , Iowa on July 17th???

  6. Hey All,
    It is becoming increasingly challenging for me to find the time, energy, and creativity to write my blog. I apologize for not answering your comments lately. Feel assured I read them (multiple times) and I truly appreciate your kind words and prayers. If I could meet you in person I would give you each a big southern hug and then probably get all sloppy with emotion.

    I will continue to try to post what's happening. Please know that your comments are motivating in ways I could never express.

    Thank you!

  7. hey Bob, i am glad to hear you are reading all the comments and that they mean so much to you. I am sad your strength is not what it used to be. I know I check your blog site at least 3x week to see if you have posted as I feel such a need to know how you are, and I do so like your verbage and your pics. I am thinking of you , tomorrow is another day. Karla


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