Friday, March 26, 2010

Songs of Spring.....

Spring is roaring into the mid-south (of the USA for my off-shore friends) with clear skies and warm temperatures. Daylight Savings Time now allows me to leave work before dark (7 PM) and the light lifts my spirits a bit.

Trees are blooming in my backyard. I remember planting them as saplings. It seems like last week. I also just noticed my sentences are getting shorter. What's up with that?

I bought myself a toy a while back that is great for bird "listening." I take a walk with my dog into my trails and sit on a bench that sits under a large pine tree and just listen. At first the birds are screaming alarms and threats as we enter their territory. Slowly, as I sit motionless, the clamor changes to the songs of spring. Mating calls and territorial announcements abound.

My listening device brings many unseen birds into view, at least in my mind's eye. Far off crows protesting an owl's presence, high-flying red-tailed hawks screeching to warn off potential interlopers, and mockingbirds reaching for every possible song never repeating a verse. It is peaceful.

I sometimes let my mind leak to thoughts of "the end ." I hope it comes on a spring day as I listen to birds.


  1. I detected a certain strength in this latest post. I liked it... Never give in without a fight my friend. Never!

  2. Your dog looks like a good companion. I love the expression in the picture. Spring is here too.

  3. Hi Bob, I'm attempting to get into your system here...
    this is just a test!

  4. OMG!!! I'm a BLOGGER now! Thanks Bob - I wouldn't have done this without you. Yes - hanging out with & listening to the birds is AMAZINGLY serene & comforting - excellent medicine. I have floated in the pool, chirp'ing with them. ENJOY!!!

  5. Jimmy,
    When I'm having a good day, I rarely use it to blog. This was an exception.

    Good to see you're still following. I lurk around your blog too. And yes, he's a good dog and an unconditional friend.

    Congrats! If you'll click on the "followers" link, you'll be notified when blogs you follow have new posts. Thanks for caring.

  6. Hey Bob, that sounds so peaceful, i want to sit on a bench and listen too. Instead right now I am watching the Duke /Baylor game, and i believe Duke will win, YEAH, it's my team to go all the way. You are an incredible man, designer of bike shirts huh? We went to Iowa this weekend to open the cabin on the Mississippi, we usually see Eagles but not this weekend, they are so regal and mammoth. Our son Kelly, K2 , we call him, does all the opening of the cabin now, and it is good. Kel started today the new med Sinemet, we shall see how he does with it. I am hoping the side effects are not too bad. Our snow is gone, and the golfers are out. You have a nice Easter, I bet Superwoman has a lovely table centerpiece all ready. Will the kids all be home? Think of you often. Karla

  7. Very cool toy, if I had it I could hear what the neighbors are talking about!

  8. ..each morning now..the birds have begun to chirp and right after the other like a symphony begining and carrying on while others come and go...I love this delightful and melodic..sometimes I think hubs gets annoyed because they wake us up before dawn..or before the alarm..!


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