Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost My Flair......

There are things that have slowly, at almost imperceptible speeds, left my life.

My handwriting was never flamboyant or even beautiful, but it was mine. There was a flair to my signature that tended to express my somewhat outgoing personality.

It seems that as my right side fine motor skills deteriorated, the first thing to go was the "flair." I believe my personality began to lose its flair too.

Now I cannot write. Rather I draw letters and it takes a concentrated effort to do that. It also takes a concentrated effort during social interactions to carry on a conversation. No longer able to casually emphasize words with body language is constricting and distracting.

I am certain people subconsciously pickup my stiff body language as me being disinterested in what they have to say. This leads to only superficial conversations.

That is the thing I have lost that I miss the most. Real in-depth conversation containing pats on the back, handshakes, a punch in the arm, a hug, or any physical contact.

I'm sure it's my fault. I've lost my flair.


On a happier note:
As summer ends, I thought it appropriate to photograph some of the suns we've brought back from our many trips to Mexico that adorn the exterior walls that line our deck. Superwoman will be upset that I didn't wash them first.

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  1. Oh my dear! Your flair is not gone. I can feel it from here.

  2. You haven't lost your flair and it's most definitely isn't your fault.. even with limited hand gestures and motions of the arm, your thoughts/conversations pack more flair than most people.. just hang on..

  3. Congratulations are the recipient of the "One Lovely Blog" award. The details are in this link.


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