Thursday, December 9, 2010

Split-brain Consequences......

When I was taking my second year of Psychology the professor ran a film on split-brain surgery. I found it fascinating that the two hemispheres of the brain perform different tasks and when the communication between the two are interrupted, weird things happen.

For example, after the surgery, the patient could be shown a fork while the left eye is covered and the patient knew it was a fork. He could pick another fork amongst other objects but could not tell the doctor it was a fork. When the right eye was covered the patient could not identify the shape. Only when both eyes were used could the patient identify AND verbalize the object.

When my symptoms first manifested, it was the pinkie and ring finger on my right hand. Over the next two years, slowly, like sand leaking from the hole in a cloth sack, my right side has lost its muscular strength and coordination.

Now it feels as if the right half of my body is a different person. The rare times I study my face in a mirror, I can see the sag of unstimulated muscle. Even my smile has become a crooked mask of what it once was.

I can only imagine as my left brain hemisphere continues to degrade what effects may appear. Perhaps I'll know the fork but be unable to say so.

I dread hurting the fork's feelings.


I know I haven't been posting photos in my blogs lately, and it isn't just that I am taking fewer photos. It just seems that the world is less photogenic.


  1. Try two, you would think I'm brain injured or something. So, thank you for writing this. My family just found out my mother probably suffers from this and doing a little research I came across your blog. I just suffered a stroke at the age of 49, my third, but the first I knew of, two years ago. So sometime I am a little shaky in my writing and worse with my speach.

    I found my blog was a big help and have to admit my bicycle was also, though it was a little scarey. Now regarding the sag, you should be holding the mirror at more of an angle. Well okay, it doesn't help much...

    But thank you again, I have a lot more to read about you and I look forward to it. And the best to you, but I know how hollow that sounds sometimes. My favorite was hearing again and again how good I looked. I wanted to scream each time I heard it and did start to tell my wife she found the best looking man in the world.


  2. WOW!! What a good read! The brain IS an interesting piece of work... how it works best when BOTH sides are firing! Hmmm... sounds kinda like PEOPLE, you know... relationships! :) We ALL need that person in our life that keeps us 'firing'!

    Oh, and about the world being less photogenic... it's all in the eyes of the beholder... beauty just takes on a whole 'nother perspective! Keep lookin'... it's out there!

  3. Goodness you're a good writer. A good describer. Have you read My Stroke of Insight? Incredible book by Taylor-Bolt, I think her name is. Excellent description of a stroke and recover by a brain researcher. There's also a UTube of her talking. Amazing.
    Your blogs are finding their way to people who need to read them. Good on ya!

  4. Your blog has provided so much insight to what I am sure my mom is feeling. Thank you for that.

    May I ask, what have you found to be the best resource for information about CBGD? I would love to read more, if you are able to share any ideas with me.

    You have helped me (and I am sure many others) more than you'll ever know.

  5. I have had a few friends at early ages, 20's suffer strokes...I saw a speech by Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor who suffered one and describes the sides of the brain vividly.You can youtube her if you haven't seen it. One of my friends cried and thanked me for sending her the video telling me she never knew how to explain it to others until are such a brave person to write about your disease and how you have the ability and strength to cope through all the adversity and yet still get things done. You are an amazing individual and I can not thank you enough for the knowledge and creativity you inspire in me and everyone else I'm sure. Wishing you the happiest thoughts and sending you the loudest honks from NYC through this season , Peace my friend - Edward

  6. ok come on say me how i can find that im suffering from split brain because i feel which part of brain controls the function im doing now i m not aware of whats happening before my eyes so say me how to find that im suffering split brain


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