Thursday, December 23, 2010

No more close shaves......

Growing facial hair is not my biggest strength nor has it ever been a goal of mine. In my late teens I unsuccessfully made an attempt at a mustache and drew the conclusion that I was too far up the evolutionary ladder to pull off the lumberjack look.

The week of Thanksgiving, as a result of a patchy, tremor-filled morning shave, I threw away the razor. I announced to Superwoman, "That's it, no more shaving." Though her tone of voice said otherwise, she dutifully replied, "That's fine."

You should see me now. "Scruffy" is a kind term to describe my current appearance. Catching a glance of myself when passing a mirror causes me to pause and giggle a bit. Not so much because I look funny *snicker* but because I've reached a place where I can accept the change without remorse. Indeed, I take some pleasure that I have accepted the fact that shaving is something that caused me great discomfort, so I removed the irritant and have not lamented the consequences.

As I lose physical capabilities, I don't bemoan the loss, I mourn the consequences. I don't miss the movement of my fingers, I miss being able to draw a heart on my wife's Christmas card. I don't miss the strength of my grip, I miss the firm handshake from a friend. I don't miss smooth arm movements, I miss the giggles of wonderment from children as I juggled their Easter eggs. I don't miss the steady walking gait, I miss the walk. Ad infinitum.

Merely being "scruffy" is an acceptable consequence to the loss.


Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Very well put! I think you have a good attitude and I think attitude is pretty ding dang important. Just as I encourage my girlfriends who lose hair in chemotherapy to tattoo the back of their head in some way, I encourage you to color your beard blue or burgundy or something fun.
    Happy Christmas to you, my blog friend.

  2. Merry Christmas, indeed.

    Hope you can get some joy out of it. It's not always the easiest time of the year for those who suffer.

  3. Sounds like one of the more acceptable consequences of neuro loss. Hope you can have some fun with it.

    Great Christmas picture. Merry Christmas to you and your gang.


  4. I love your writing. The way you distill experience and emotion down to its essence. Poignant eloquence without a shred of sentimentality. Reality, a bit of nostalgia and despair, but tangible, abundant joie de vivre.

    You're a remarkable man. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  5. Well Bob, i am hoping you will post the "scruffy pic" Kel too has stopped shaving, although i have encourged him to at least try around the neck area to "clean things up" so i did get him a new electric shaver for xmas. By the way i barely made it up the hill to mom's for xmas, remember the demon of a hill, but we had a very merry one, and i gave mom your greetings of which she was delighted to receive. Neice Jessica, my sister's daughter gets married in Dubuque tomorrow so the family is all headed there..wishing you and Gayle a peaceful 2011. Karla

  6. Merry belated Christmas to you. I've been worried about you since I've been out of the blog-world. It's good to be back and visit you and your good spirits once again. I aspire to be like you once I'm through with the cynical bit! =)


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