Tuesday, September 20, 2011


After watching a self-help guru speak about one of the ways to reach inner peace, I decided to take his advice.

He spoke of how seldom we allow ourselves to "listen to the silence." He recommended that I find a place where there was no mechanical noise. No TVs, no ticking clocks, no whirring computers. This was harder than it sounded.

I succeeded only by unplugging a DVR and taking a clock to another room. Finally I was ready to "tune in to nature." I closed my eyes and sat in silence......ready for the epiphany. What would nature say to me? Would the song of a bird ring clearer than ever before or would the sound of the wind rustling the fall leaves become her whispering voice.

Time passed, then, in an instant, the answer came! Nature had spoken. She said, "look within" through possibly the loudest stomach growl I had ever heard. My own body was making fun of me and I found it hilarious. The stomach rumble was followed by the sound of my own laughter. I could not remember when I had last heard it. It was good to hear.

I guess the guru was right, but, I think he had something else in mind.



  1. I think that's perfect! I don't know what the guru had in mind, but if it caused you to laugh, it was a great exercise. Worth repeating, I'd say.

  2. Silence... Laughter... what 2 better sounds are there... other than the voice of someone you love whispering "I love you!"??? :)

  3. where are you.im upset i didnt see a post.speak to us

  4. I need to hear more, My Aunt has CBGD, too; and I'm so curious as to how things are progressing for you. Her condition is way beyond being able to convey her thoughts in a coherent manner, and I enjoy(?) reading your posts and your thoughts as to how you are dealing with this. I have sat here and cried while reading some of your posts, as well as laughed out loud at some others! It gives me some insight as to what my Aunt is thinking - cuz I KNOW her mind is there and strong, even if her body is not.

    Thank you so much for doing this - whether it was for your own "therapy", or to allow us all a little insight to this debillitating disease.


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