Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creeping Tension....

Blogging comes with a great deal of responsibility. On one hand there is the obligation to write (especially if your blog is called The DAILY something-or-other). On the other hand there is a desire to not post a load of crab just to be posting.

I get explosions of divine inspirations, then by the time I get off the freeway and boot up the laptop, they appear lame in fluorescent light. The whole purpose behind this blog was to leave a breadcrumb trail that I and others could follow should we wish to view the past as I dealt with my illness. I have often departed from that theme but I assure you that my life has not. You might just say the breadcrumbs come from a variety of loaves. Some days sweet bread.....some days sourdough.

Since my diagnosis of CBGD on November 14, 2008, my symptoms have progressively worsened, but not in a dramatic fashion. Most noticeable to me is my walking gait. It is not quite a limp to look at but there is an audible difference in my footfall. My thigh muscles in my right leg are in a constant state of "creeping tension." I must make a conscious effort to tell it to relax. This works for a few seconds then the tension returns. The bright side is I'm getting some exercise even while I type this. The bad news is: I know that if this "creeping tension" follows the expected path I will eventually loose the use of the leg. Right now, I'm thankful for cruise control.

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  1. My mother was diagnosed with "corticobasal syndrome". She would hold her right hand stifly across her stomach. But in late December, we started giving her a couple of foods that people caring for Alzheimer's disease victims are seeing some good results with: coconut oil and cinnamon. You can read about these yourself at and message boards.

    In my mother's case, her hand is more relaxed. I wish I had known about these things 5 years ago.


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