Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying Dreams.....

The night after I returned from my dive trip to Cozumel I had "Flying Dreams."

These are vivid dreams in which I can fly. No arm flapping needed. Just push off and up
I go, slowly as I climb and faster when I swoop toward the earth. The sensation is incredible and the views are more realistic than I can imagine while awake.

Historically I've had these uplifting dreams when I have been at peace with my life. I'm not at a place right now that I could call peaceful, so I believe the dreams were carryovers from my dive trip.

Ninety percent of the diving in Cozumel is "drift diving." Incredibly peaceful and nearly effortless. The boat drops you off at one end of a reef formation. You drop to the bottom, assure that you have good neutral buoyancy, and let the current propel you along the reef. Take a deep breath and you begin to rise, exhale and you sink. Nearly an hour later, after gently sailing above beautiful peaks and valleys containing amazing wildlife, without the sound of a human voice (maybe the voices in your head), you slowly ascend back to the surface and the waiting boat.

An hour of weightlessness with only the sound of breathing in air and exhaling bubbles is as close to flying as I'll ever get......while awake!


  1. You might consider going up in a glider. My dad is a glider pilot, and I've gone up with him quite a few times. After the tow airplane unhooks you, it's nothing but silence as you find updrafts to keep you flying. It's peaceful and beautiful. Welcome back!

  2. I used to dream I could fly too. The Only problem with dreams of any kind is eventually you have to wake up, huh?

  3. I dreamt that i could fly all through my childhood - so vividly, in fact, that I can remember believing that I actually COULD fly. I have had these dreams of flying less frequently after becoming an "adult" but when I do have them, they always feel like really good dreams. Any idea whats its supposed to mean??

  4. My "flying dreams" were always accompanied by a wonderful sense of well-being (and perhaps preceded by a peperoni pizza before bedtime). Maybe, as adults, we don't eat enough pizza. :)


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