Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warm Saltwater....

It's a running joke of mine that the cure for most of what ails anyone is "Warm Saltwater." I'm actually referring to the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico just off of Cozumel.

I've taken taken about twenty trips to the island over the last decade. Scuba diving is always a prime objective of the trips and the windex water and abundance of aquatic life makes it a perfect destination.

My last trip was in March, 2008, and I truly feared I had made my last dive. A funny thing happened during a big case of denial. I'm booked and leaving Saturday!

I'm not a risk-taking type of diver and have been nervous about handling my equipment with my ever worsening right side movement disorder. So I scheduled a pool dive with my dive shop as a confidence builder and a refresher on what does what. This is not a supervised dive and you must do everything yourself.

The pool is about 25' deep and indoors. I checked and doubled checked my equipment and air supply then gently rolled into the water. It was nirvana! I think they may have slipped a splash of "laughing gas" into my tank because I was one happy guy.
I spent 30 minutes underwater.....weightless...without a momentary thought about my condition. No pain, no rigidity, no tremors.

I told my wife that for obvious health reasons I may have to stay in Cozumel. Sometimes she just doesn't have a sense of humor.

So I will probably be out of the blogosphere for a week or so. With any luck I'll come back and report that "Warm Saltwater" really is a cure for what ails you.


  1. Hurray! Good for you. I know what that pool water can do for you. When I thought I had M.S. and was dragging my leg around, I got in my friend's pool and stared at the sky, felt the breeze, and never wanted to get out. Have a great time!

  2. Have a great time! You are doing the perfect thing.
    Thank-you for keeping this blog.

  3. Thanks Anne & Nylecoj. The fun begins in 27 hours! I'll dedicate my first margarita to you!


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