Wednesday, July 8, 2009

34 degrees 54 minutes 49.52 N by 89 degrees 59 minutes 11.75 W.....

Twenty-three years ago, the 1948 Massey Ferguson tractor I used to periodically mow a nine acre piece of property that adjoins ours, gave up the ghost (Died - for my Canadian listeners). The tract of land had been a hay field when my grandfather grazed cattle on it and I continued to mow it long after the cows were gone. There is something manly about driving a tractor.

But the tractor had gone to a better place. The next time the grassy field grew to about a foot high I used the riding mower we used for the lawn to cut a path from one end of the old hay field to the other. Then I cut a few paths that branched off the main path to create a maze of trails throughout the old cow pasture. Over the next twenty plus years I continued to mow the paths leaving the rest of the vegetation to nature.

Today you can see the paths from space (see Google Earth at the coordinates in the blog title). How cool is that?

The paths and the surrounding foliage has become my personal park. I put an old bench under a big pine tree where I sit in silence remembering the past and contemplating the future.

It's ironic. I mowed that first path 23 years ago having no inkling where it would lead and now I know though the path itself has never changed, just everything around it.


  1. ((Hi, B. just popped in to read your post. I need to rush to work right now or I'll be late. I'll be back tonight with a decent comment. :D))

  2. Right, there's something manly about driving a tractor. I have a German friend who has an old Porsche tractor (I was shocked to hear that Porsche manufactured tractors in the 20s) and he likes to drive it now and then.

    Your path looks nice, like a place to sit and think relaxed.
    I like the video too (nice shades of green. I can't see that too often, here everything is concrete)


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