Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hiding the Blemishes....

It seems that my blog has turned into a metaphorical garden blog. I think it will change with the seasons as I write what comes to mind and the growing season changes to the dying season.

We live in the delta region of the Mississippi River and in many ways it is everything you think it is. Ten years ago the poorest, worst educated people in the country lived in the neighboring county, Tunica. Then the casinos came in and now they are no longer the poorest county.

Every September since 1857 (except for a few years off for the little North vs South thing) the locals have a get together known as the Mid-South Fair. It has it all; livestock contests, racing pigs, trained chickens that will kick your butt in tic-tac-toe, tractor exhibitions, talent contests, cooking competitions, carnival rides, and incredible amounts of unhealthy food and unhealthy people that love to eat it. Elvis always went. It certainly contributed to his weight issues.

Other than the obvious opportunity to people-watch we always enjoyed visiting the Horticulture exhibit. People enter their best and biggest. Everything from azaleas to zinnias.

Several years ago Superwoman and I decided to enter some things from our garden. Exhibitors get in FREE! That same year I had tried my hand at watermelons in my garden. I had never had much luck with melons and that summer was no exception. I think I had three vines, that produced three watermelons. Two that were puny and one really nice, though not real big, one.

When I told SW that I was entering my watermelon, she scoffed. I thought it was a pretty watermelon. It had only one flaw, right in the middle, where some offending insect had tried to unsuccessfully bore through the rind.

I picked the melon, leaving a bit of stem for that natural look, washed it carefully, then gave it a nice polishing with some olive oil. I don't think it was cheating but it sure made the variations of color stand out.

When we arrived at the Fair with our flowers and such, we had to register and tag each entry with our names. The tags for the flowers had little strings. The ID tag for melons was a sticker which I filled out and carefully placed right on top of the insect scar.

We returned the next day to find my watermelon tagged with a blue ribbon.

Now I'm admittedly not a very good loser, but I've been told I'm an even worse winner. Superwoman is still eating crow over that one.

I'm still trying to hide my blemishes, but I'm running out stickers.



  1. Congratulations! It is beautiful!

    On the subject of stickers, please read the children's book "You are Special" by Max Lucado. It will change your view of what's important.

    Still praying for you!

  2. I totally laughed when I read the part about you hiding the flaw under a sticker. And then you went and won a blue ribbon.

    I thought I was bad when I go get my Botox to hide my flaws (it's getting harder and harder). I never get blue ribbons for that, I just get a big fat bill.

    Sweet Story!!

  3. You may be running out of stickers, but you have 2407 visitors from 58 different countries reading your every word and admiring your courage, humor and insight.

    Sending you Love and Light,

  4. I could use one big sticker for my face. LOL Great post .

  5. wow, the watermelon looks delicious..i bought one today, as it made me hungry, and it was yummo. I had Kel sign some papers today, the alien hand doesn't like to write anymore. It is for all purposes's a scribble. I am going to send you a pic of Kel and I , so you have a pic to put with the name. I enjoy your blog, and have encouraged my kids to read it too. Karla

  6. Anne,
    Thanks... I'm a pushover for children's books.

    Coincidentally, Botox is often used to release the muscle tension in patients that have CBGD. Eventually the doses get to the lethal point and the treatment is halted. Doesn't sound pretty.

    I'm humbled that anyone reads it.

    I resemble that remark! :)

    Thanks. I'm with Kel on the writing. Before I was diagnosed, I would make a doctors appointment complaining that my ability to write was disappearing. I would show up for the appointment and the nurse would hand me a stack of papers and pen and say, "fill these out." It was frustrating. I look forward to the pics.

  7. Your post perfectly sums up life in general for me. I doubt there is a man amongst us who hasn't at some point covered up a blemish with a sticker, and gone on to be a success in the face of difficult odds.

    Having the gumption to enter in the first place is what it's all about.

    Inspiring post.

  8. Jimmy,
    Thanks! My last name is Peden (Paden) and I have roots from your neck of the woods. Small world...


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