Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover....

Just a quick post to remind everyone that you can't fool Mother Nature but she sure can fool you.

In my garden, I always planted Zinnias and Sunflowers near the tomatoes. They attracted birds and insects that eat insects. One of my favorites to watch is the Hummingbird Moth.

It flies just like a one inch long hummingbird would, flitting from flower to flower. Recently I learned a bit more about the Hummingbird Moth. It seems, my favorite little pollinator, when in its larva state is THIS!

The dreaded enemy of all tomato growers!

So now we know......Mother Nature has a sense of humor.
I believe I can hear the trees snickering.



  1. Oh man, I remember those. My mother had a beautiful garden. And of course, she had tomatoes. My mom was a ninja with those green worms. She just took her small garden shovel, would flip the worm off the tomato and then cut it in half. Ew!

    I guess that's why I never saw any of those Hummingbird Moths.

  2. WOW ...great pics, and yes regarding my blog today, that was a photo during the winter, but it is still a payless store sorry to say. Keep on rockin in the free world CBGD !!!

  3. hey there! When did you get diagnosed w/ CBGD? and where?? My mom is going through a round of tests right now, and CBGD and PSP are the two possible diagnoses...and of course neither are good, I know. I live in Knoxville, and my Dad and I have had my Mom to almost every Dr in town, and kept getting treated like crap, because we've been digging at this for almost 2 years!! We finally had to go to a specialist in ATL to get some damn answers! I would love to talk with you more if you're up to it!
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