Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mirrors on My Mind....

It has been over three weeks since my last post in which I visited the impact that my Mother's stroke had on my perspectives. Truly, my life has been altered.

She, after a ten day hospital stay and much physical therapy, has returned home. While she continues to improve she will never be the same.

The first night after her stroke I slept at the hospital on a small couch that was in her private room. We talked and though she had a slight slur it was apparent that her cognitive skills remained intact. We laughed as a nurse marveled at how much I resembled her. We cried as we discussed the future.

It is ironic that the symptoms she had has a result of the stroke are similar to what I will experience. Where she was struck down in minutes, mine will take years. But we are going in opposite directions.

It is her left side and my right side. It is already like looking in a mirror when I look into her eyes, now our body failures mirror each other. We see the humor in that. Cruel joke though.



  1. Here's to hoping your mother makes a quick recovery.

    And, also, here's to hoping that you are able to stave your symptoms off as long as possible.

  2. That is a cruel irony, but you have accepted it, and are making the best life you can.

  3. So sorry you've got so much going on. Take extra care of yourself.

  4. My dear CW... in this cold cruel world, we HAVE TO laugh! You and your Mom are perfect examples! Hang in there! :)

    Laughter is good medicine... Prov.17:22

  5. Mjenks,
    What are we drinking? I'm enjoying New Castle Brown Ale these days.

    I try. Sometimes it's easier than others.

    Peach Tart,
    Actually it seems worse when I DON'T have things "going on."

    Proverbs 12:25.......Thanks!

  6. Hey Bob, glad to read your post, was getting worried about you. Your mom must be happy to have you by her side.
    Taking Kel to eye doctor friday, he is having trouble with his eyes.
    again glad to hear you are ok.

  7. Karla,
    Geez, it sounds like Kel is having a rough time of it. It seems like he is further down the road than I am. At least for now. I think of you often. I know it's hard to try and maintain a positive attitude. I see the toll it is having on my wife. I feel so helpless. I've spent the last 20+ years shielding her and now I'm the source of her distress.

    Take are of more chocolate. :)


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