Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks Thanksgiving.........

Thanksgiving Day was a couple of days ago. Superwoman worked her magic and we had fifteen family members over for a scrumptious feast. As most all southern American families do, everyone brought a dish or two to share. We had too much to eat and all slumped into chairs after the banquet and talked of things trivial and important.

Every year I stand in awe of the genius that marketed jello as a salad.

There were two highlights to the day for me.

1. I can no longer manage the task of carving the turkey and this year decided to teach my 21 year old son how to do the honors. He was intimidated as I was the first time I was confronted with a twenty-one pound turkey armed only with a carving knife and a Betty Crocker cookbook.
He had the advantage of my tutelage. It was probably harder on me than him as I pointed out the places to begin the cuts and joints that needed to be popped. I would give an instruction and then pretend to be busy elsewhere so he didn't have the old master looking over his shoulder. I could not have been prouder when we finished. The gauntlet has been passed....Long Live the (new) King.

2. The second highlight lasted 37 minutes 53 seconds. I had booted up my home PC with the hope that maybe, just maybe, I could reach my son, Tim, in Iraq. Sure enough, just minutes after all the guest had arrived, we got a text from his wife that his (very iffy but expensive) internet was working. I rushed to the office and seconds later from the middle of the Iraqi desert came the voice and smiling face of our soldier.

Everyone had a chance to speak with him and ask him if the Army fed them turkey and whether it was hot in the desert and other nervous talk. One by one they left our office until it was just the two of us. Me growing frail and unsure and, the little boy I had raised, looking healthy and confident. We had a couple of minutes of "man to man" and I told him I loved him and to be safe and we ended the call.

It truly was a Happy Thanksgiving in so many ways.



  1. Glad to hear that your son in Iraq is doing well.

    Could we borrow you next Thanksgiving to teach my wife's uncle how to carve a turkey? Our offering was pathetic, to say the least.

  2. I'm glad to know that it was a happy Thanksgiving and you could speak to your son.Just a few years ago it wouldn't have been possible. Now we have webcams, Skype... these are the wonders of the internet.
    Glad to know your son is doing well and you have a successor for the carving!

  3. I'm glad for you that you had a chance to talk with your son- and it looks like your holiday at home was fantastic!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving, and safe journey home for Tim.

  4. wow, your superwoman sets a nice table, and it looked like elbow room too. How fantastic you got to chat with your son, i wish him peace and safety. A loving family you are surrounded by, I am so glad. Facing the enemy CBD without a support system would have to be unbearable. We too had a nice holiday in Iowa with my family.I drove Kel and I there, about a 3 hr trip, i was thankful for no snow. Kel was able to put up the xmas lights outside, took him awhile but he did it. I am grateful for many things. Take care Bob.... Karla

  5. How good it must have been to be able to speak with your son in Iraq. Thanksgiving is about family first, then eating! Nice to read you today.


  6. Dear CW... Sounds like you are a VERY blessed man, my friend! Hang in there and keep lookin' for ALL the blessings (and highlights)! They're there... you just gotta keep your 'sad' eyes a lookin' and a searchin'!
    God is good... ALL THE TIME! :)

  7. mjenks,
    There is a good chance you wife's uncle is unteachable. Everybody has an uncle like that.

    Yep, Skype is a wonderful thing.

    Thanks for the visit. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday with unexpected beginnings.

    Thanks it WAS sweet (and I don't just mean the pecan pie).

    I think of you often. We should find a way to hook you and my wife up. You could trade war stories. :)

    It was great to see and speak to him. Technology is a wonderful thing (most times).

    Thanks so much. Sometimes the blessings are hidden in the fogs but they ARE there.


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