Saturday, May 8, 2010

Left-handed Compliment...

As I continue to lose the use of my right hand I am forced to rely on my left hand to do tasks it has never learned to do.

I was making a purchase at a department store the other day and took my item to the cashier to check out. I dread these little encounters because they inevitably require two hands. I pulled out my wallet, that I keep in my left rear pants pocket, opened it, and with a bit of fumbling managed to remove my debit card. I looked down at the credit card swiper. The slot to insert the card was on the right side, requiring me to hold the card in my left hand in goose neck fashion to swipe my card.

I was successful on my third attempt prompting the cashier to say, "Oh, I'm left-handed too. It's good to be among right minded people," she giggled.

"I've only recently become left-handed. An illness," I said.

"Then you were meant to be left-handed all along," she ventured.

Maybe she was right.

Personally I think she sleeps in a pyramid with scented candles burning and whale sounds coming from her mood-a-rama.



  1. Hey, don't poo-pooh the pyramid and whale sounds until you've tried them, Buddy.

  2. Left Handed people are very both handed people must be genius....I love scented candles

  3. Fay,
    Lol..... I guess you're right. Do you know where I can get a king sized pyramid?

    I'm partial to candle LIGHT but I can forgo the foo-foo smells.

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  5. Bob, I teach and so I always have some interesting conversations not only with the children, but the parents. One such parent was explaining how her son could write with his left hand and then with his right hand he cut with scissors. So I said, "Oh! He's ambidextrous!" To which she replied, "No, there's nothing wrong with him." Just thought I'd give you a smile. :) thanks for your comments on my blog! They mean a lot! God Bless!

  6. Hey Bob, your right hand sounds so like Kel, it just doesn't want to cooperate, i know he has lost $'s from his wallet from dropping them while trying to get them back into his wallet. He always likes to have cash. Dr Boeve wants him to use his right hand more, and Kel just relies so much now on his left for drinking, picking up anything He manages to still eat wit his right hand, just a bit more spillage.
    We were in Decorah, IA for the weekend, that is whre the bike ride event will be as well as the concert. We have over 50 bikers now signed up, and they are expecting 200 for the concert. We are so glad awareness for CBD is going to be heard.
    Did you listen to BOeve speak on the webinar last week?

  7. When our hands cannot do some things, they still can move in the air as we talk, hold on to small hands, caress, smooth, touch. We use them in bigger ways for bigger things and try to forget being able to hold on to money, easily use credit cards, all the things we took for granted. Trying to gain appreciation while losing it, whatever it is. It is so hard, and whatever works, even whale music (I prefer the sound of rushing water). I feel so sad.

  8. My oldest daughter is left-handed, as was my grandmother. They are special. The clerk is special...and, as you are special, Bob.


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