Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Song of My Heart.........

There has been a lot going on in my (our) life. Superwoman took my "rocks in your backpack analogy" to heart and began lightening her load and stopped picking up other people's rocks. Then her Mother had a stroke, immediately dumping a boulder into her already-too-big pack.

I try to lighten her load when I get the opportunity and I have been guilty of hiding my own ills from her in an effort to not add to her burdens. She gets a tad angry when my omissions come to light, but I do it to protect her.

I posted a "Love Letter to Superwoman" last December and I haven't written any love letters since. We had our twenty-third anniversary on August 3rd and with all our turmoil we almost missed the date.

This week, while working on transferring all our old home videos over to digital format, I ran across this spontaneous clip of her singing in our living room. It reminded me of one of the reasons I fell for her.

I am a very lucky man!



  1. I reckon you are! I would beg her to sing every minute!

  2. Wonderful, simply wonderful, and yes sir. You are a very lucky man.

  3. Wow...what a voice...!!!a beautiful lady...!Thats really nice to have...Loved it..!

  4. My Daddy always said, "I'd rather be LUCKY than GOOD anyday!"
    Have you gotten her autograph?? :)

  5. ok ,finally i have had some time..what a beautiful voice and i love also the part"fall on my knees", always gives me tingles. Your blog Bob is just always so inspiring to read, most of the time it lifts my spirits. Our son as you know got married August 15th and it was beautiful and so glad we had the rehearsal dinner here at the house too, so many came, 105, actually. It does Kel good to have people here and make his life full of noise and chaos instead of him home by himself all day long with the televsion. We are having 8 over for dinner tonight, will be able to enjoy the deck and the full moon i think. Weather is perfect. Thanks for sharing your life and your lovely wife's voice. How is her mom by the way??

  6. My all time favorite Christmas song. Brilliantly sung. you are a lucky man, and it looks like from the pictures and love shown in this video,they are lucky to have you as well...You are a true inspiration indeed. Thank you.

  7. She, and her voice, are simply lovely.

  8. Beautiful. Always make me smile over here, you do.


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