Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't get me started......

We had a really nice trip to Phoenix and beautiful drive to San Diego where we spent some quality time with my brother and sister and their families. Some of them I'll probably never see again. At least not on this plane of existence.

The trip exposed some of my worsening frailties. It was the first time I felt dependent on my wife (Superwoman) for so many common tasks. She is great at anticipating my needs and I REALLY hate asking for help with personal issues and would rather struggle through something like trimming my toenails than be exposed to the humiliation. We have many bridges to cross.

While I continue to work, I have set dates for retirement. My job performance is suffering and while I only know how to do things the right way, it is hard to be highly motivated. That's tough when, as the General Manager, I am the primary motivator to 130+ employees.

Social Security will not allow anyone to apply for disability until after the last day of work. It makes sense on some levels but ironically, I would probably try to work longer if I could set a date and get approved in anticipation of the inevitable.


I was listening to a radio discussion about a bill to abolish the death penalty in Connecticut. I found it ironic that states spend millions of dollars in court to defend state sponsored capital punishment yet outlaw voluntary euthanasia. Don't get me started.



  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear you and Superwoman had a good trip and quality time - hope there will be more of both for you. And I hope those bridges you mentioned - and the one leading to retirement and ssd coverage - are crossed with relative ease. Best to you and yours.

  2. What BIIIIGGG prickly cacti you have!! They look like BIIIIGGG green MONSTERS that will cause you MUCH PAIN!! Almost like American POLITICS (Poli = MANY; TICS = BLOOD SUCKING CREATURES)!! Did you see any illegal aliens in the desert?? Or was that them in disguise? Scary thot, huh?? :)

    Glad you got to visit your family! Is it true? The best 2 times on a family trip is the day you got there and the day you left?? :)
    Just wonderin'... .. ...

  3. is there anything you tried that improved you is good you still work and function to that level.maybe you wont decline, but stay at the level you are at.are you following research and what have the pros told you?voluntary euthanasia is a very wide subject maybe we should all get together to highlite the plyte of people who are terminally ill.take care of yourself


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