Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm STILL here.......

It finally dawned on my over-worked (lazy) brain (ass) that it was rather thoughtless of me to post about suicide and then quit posting for a few weeks. Sorry! I'm still here. Er, I'm not sorry I'm still kickin'. I am sorry if any of my (two) readers started their mourning too soon.

Actually, though physically I am a wreck, I have something to look forward to. Superwoman and I are flying out to San Diego for a few days of rest.

I promise to post before we leave in mid-March.


  1. I hope you have a great vacation :) (And thanks for not being dead. Geeze.)

  2. I lost my mom in 2007 to CBGD. To the very end, she tried to have a positive attitude every single day.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with the world. It somehow helps to bring me closer to her memory.

  3. PENolan,
    LOL! I'm planning to.

    Welcome back, I'm honored.

    Jeany S,
    Truly sorry about your Mom. CBGD is an unrelenting obstacle to having a positive attitude. Your Mom must have been special.

  4. Oh, phew! I was beginning to wonder around the edges! Have a great vacation, looking forward to the promised post!
    Cheers to you and yours,

  5. "CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COME!" (can you hear me singing?)
    A few days of rest... just what the Dr. ordered! I hope you and 'SuperWife' have a very sweet, reflectful, (is that a word? It is now!)time of rest and relaxation filled with lots and lots of memories for BOTH of you!! :) Tell your precious wife that I said "Hello!" and "Good-Bye!"
    Till the next entry... . . ..

  6. can i come too.have a lovely holiday and keep in are a always checking ur blog and wonderin how u are


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