Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I AM Still Here.....

The hours seem to slide by with syrupy slowness but the weeks seem to click by with each swing of the clock's pendulum. I know that seems to make no sense to most, but in my present state of mind (and health) it is reality.

I wrote that sentence over two weeks ago. It was the beginning of three days of work that I (or Google) failed to save. I was so frustrated with the loss that I haven't been back. I'll try to post soon!


Thunderstorms were booming in the distance one afternoon as I sat at my desk (NOT posting on my blog) when I saw this doe step out of the woods and look my way. I snapped this photo through the window.


Everyone knows when they were born. Only a very few us are lucky enough to find out why.



  1. Nice to hear a post from you.


  2. so glad you are back with us.i missed reading your blog.take care

  3. all right, good to read the words again, i so am glad you called last week, made my day. Stay strong, keep good thoughts. It's hard, so very hard. kel fell down 3 steps today, dropped the soda he was carrying,it scared both of us.
    loved the picture. Karla

  4. Love the quote , great picture...I'm always happy to see what you're up to...Hurricane headed our way here in NYC ...I won't be able to catch a pic of a doe but maybe I can get a pic of a NYC Rat..they're just as big.lol All the best, ~ Edward KONYH


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