Monday, January 19, 2009

Shifting Solstice (not astronomically)

A few years ago, right after I had cycled my first century (100 miles in one day) I was feeling pretty good about myself and all was right with the world...... with one exception. The heater in my wife's car was on the fritz and and I was catching the fallout.

So I surprised her with a new little two-seater sports car. It is a Pontiac Solstice with a five speed transmission. Sweet little car that she quickly warmed to (the heater worked). She accused me of buying it for myself but it remains her daily drive. I will admit to having a bit of a crush on the feel and handling of her little sportster.

In all honesty I had recently attended the Panoz racing school in Atlanta as a guest of Pirelli Tire. I really had a blast and caught a bit of the racing bug. My 1994 Jeep Cherokee just wouldn't allow me to practice my new found skills.
Er, so I bought my wife a car.

Yesterday, as I often do on Sunday, I took her car for a drive to the car wash. I always hand wash it because of the convertible soft top.
Then I took it out for the "blow the water spots off" part of the process. ; )

Bam! Another reminder that things are not the same. I couldn't speed shift. And the more I tried, the weaker my arm became and the stronger the tremor. As I got more upset my right leg muscles began to twitch. I cruised back to the house and toweled off the car.

There is no moral to this story. Just another example of the process. My life is forever changed.

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