Thursday, February 5, 2009

Calling Cards for Troops...

Off the subject a bit, but a good tip. Our son Tim is heading to Iraq in about 30 days. It is his wish to go and defend freedom. I, on the other hand, am a cynic. I have Viet Nam to thank for that.

My heart aches for him because I know the disillusionment he will face. I can't prepare him for it because I'm just an old guy from another time.

When he was going through basic training I wrote him nearly every day, including lots of picture and clippings. Now I can't write. There is a difference between the typed word and the written word. I never had beautiful penmanship but it was mine. I will type him letters for as long as I can.

My wife, Gale, found out about a program for recycling cell phones in exchange for calling cards for soldiers. She never does things halfway.

Here is a week's effort.

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