Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion statement...

I gave away my bike jerseys today. I donated them to our local bike club to use as door prizes at team meetings. A lot of color just went out of my life.

Cyclist seem to come in two types: Plain & Loud. I was usually Loud. Not noise-wise but color-wise. My original motivations for my early jersey purchases was purely from a safety stand point. I wanted to be seen! Not like Paris Hilton wants to be seen but the way a traffic cone wants to be seen.

As time went on I saw my jerseys as a statement of how I wanted to ride that day. Anything over 60 miles with large numbers of riders required my Wheaties jersey. I even had matching socks!

I hope the new owners realize how lucky they are. Not lucky to be wearing one of my jerseys but lucky to be able to ride. If I accomplish anything with this blog perhaps it will be to cause someone to open their eyes a little wider and see their good fortune. Maybe even you!


  1. my mom is suffering from CBGD for 2 years.Since then I have been a different person and trying to tell my friends how lucky we are not suffer from that kind of an illness and to have the chance to do whatever we want. However, they do not get me. I guess people understand the meanings and importance of things when they start to lose those things.
    but still it is worth trying to tell these things.

  2. Seda,
    Your attitude gives your Mom's illness meaning. Never forget it.


  3. I'm not loud in the jersey department. In fact I only own three. I do however shout out a "woohoo!" at the top of most climbs. I received an obscure email about cobwebs on my blog from someone who started following mine recently. I checked his out. That's how I found yours. Evidently the guy is a puss, but he motivated me to continue telling my story. I'll be gettin right on that as soon as I climb out of this blogosphere rabbit hole! After reading a bit of yours I'm starting to understand the importance of it. Thank you for sharing...

  4. Thanks for visiting (and "following").

  5. I'm the plain type when it comes to jersey. Just 3 colours to be exact. My rides will never be the same again after reading this post. I have a feeling its 'fated' that I found your blog for a good reason. You're a great man. (Off to dust my bike)

  6. C.O.
    Put an extra mile or two in just to feel the wind and smell the air.


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