Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life Goes On....

It the grand scheme of things our lifetime is but a millisecond. With a little luck our impact on others can last much longer. (Say 10 milliseconds).

Three years ago, my daughter (step-daughter actually) gave birth to our first grandchild. I was committed to being as good a grandparent as mine had been to me. The impact they had on my life has been passed to my children and now I would have the opportunity to share it with my granddaughter. Thus extending the life of my grandparents.

A funny thing happened over the next three years. My symptoms appeared, I was diagnosed,
and my millisecond became a nanosecond. How can I crush the generations of wisdom that my grandparents had passed to me into such a short time? The answer will inevitably be that I can't.

So I've been trying to think of the one single thing that my grandparents taught me that I must pass on. Something that has been an absolute pearl of wisdom that can only come from the mature understanding that age begets.

I think I have it! It's simplicity is its strength. Whether used literally or metaphorically it is spot on. Every time!

Drum roll please........


Pure genius!


  1. I would give anything (except for the life I have today) if I could go back and measure again.

  2. Who is telling you that there IS no treatment for CBD? It is more truthful to say that there probably IS a treatment, but it just hasn't been identified and proven yet.

    As Dr. Bradley Boeve says in his article, "Update on Corticobasal Degeneration" (c. 2000) "...abnormalities in tau protein are now thought to be the critical factor in the pathogenesis of CBD. Interestingly, tau dysfunction also is critical in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, Pick’s disease, and progressive supranuclear palsy.It is highly possible that a treatment for one of these disorders involving tau processing will be beneficial for some or all of the others"

    That was written almost 10 years ago. Fast-forward to 2008: "Vitamin B3 Reduces Alzheimer's Symptoms, Lesions: Clinical Trial On Nicotinamide Effect In Alzheimer's Patients
    ScienceDaily" (Nov. 5, 2008) "...
    Nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, lowered levels of a protein called phosphorylated tau that leads to the development of tangles, one of two brain lesions associated with Alzheimer's disease. The vitamin also strengthened scaffolding along which information travels in brain cells, helping to keep neurons alive and further preventing symptoms in mice genetically wired to develop Alzheimer's... Scientists also found that the nicotinamide-treated animals had dramatically lower levels of the tau protein that leads to the Alzheimer's tangle lesion..."

    Print out that article, take it to your neurologist, and ask them, "Here is an article about a substance that might attack the tau protein corruption problem of CBD. Are there any others?" If they don't know, then tell them to look into methylene blue, cinnamon proanthocyanidins, and lithium.

    Also, ask if brain cells of people with CBD suffer from a problem with glucose metabolism, the so-called "chronic brain starvation" or "type 3 diabetes". They should tell you that, yes, indeed, this is a problem. Then ask them about getting a prescription for Axona or about taking medium chain triglycerides.

  3. Thanks Anon. I'll ask the questions at my next appointment.

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  5. My husband has CBD. He took Vit B3 all his adult life and is now in the late stages of his dreadful disease. Four years ago he walked with a cane, fast forward to today...he is bed ridden and wheelchair dependent. He can no longer dress, feed, talk or clean himself. He is totally dependent on me. Since the article was written in 2000, and it is now 2013, this is proof that a cure has not be found, nor can it be slowed down. The only thing the doctors can do at this point (or even at the beginning) is treat the symptoms.

  6. This is your daughter....and I know you can't read this, but I'm commenting anyway. I miss you SO much, I can't even say and your words of wisdom, along with everything you taught me, will not be taken for granted. I love you.


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