Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring...A Time of Renewal?

Bah Humbug!
I took a walk a couple of days ago and was startled to see the early signs of spring popping up in February. It gave me a sense of hope and renewal.

When I was about 8 years old I joined the FSA (Future Salesmen of America) by responding to an ad inside one of my many DC Comics.
They sent me a box of flower and vegetable seed packets and a script of how to sell them door to door. I was a pretty good salesman and quickly expanded the script to incorporate personal anecdotes to insure that the housewife standing in front of me would see that I was emotionally invested in that pack of Zinnia seeds. I sold a lot of seeds but didn't quite grasp the concept of the corporate structure and spent my "seed money" on more comic books. My mother paid off the FSA and made me plant the seeds I had not sold.

Well, I have been a salesman my whole life and I never stopped planting seeds. My annual tomato garden is a family favorite and my wife's co-workers are regularly
impressed by the flower arrangements I create from our yard for her desk.

But I ramble! The point of this diatribe is that the near spring-like weather enthused me to get back on the bike. My condition causes my right arm to tremor under stress and after a couple of past crashes I can only ride my bike on the trainer. After a week of 30 to 60 minute intervals I could noticeably tell I could walk a little better. I even had a dream about pedaling down a country road. I entertained the thought of strapping on the helmet taking a leisurely Sunday ride.

Then we got 6" of snow Saturday night. We never get 6" of snow! I guess Mother Nature was dropping me a hint. She's telling me that I must not ever go faster than my TV remote can carry me. So for the time being I'll just keep pedaling to nowhere.

On a side note: A blogger I read just recently pedaled "To Hell and Back."
I wish I could have gone too. (I've been dying to use that line).


  1. I was studying the other day. I have to read these boring medical journals. I wish I could remember which one it was. Anyway it was a study on the effectiveness of aerobic activity on neurologiocal disorders. People who exercised 3-4 times a week showed a decrease in symptoms. I wish I had some stats for you but my own cognition is at an all time low. My brain exploded in math today, plus it's been a few days sense I was on my bike.

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  3. Singletrack Mind (above) was published in this month's Dirt Rag (hope it's ok for me to blow her cover). I thought of you when I read it. If you click on the picture in my post "Friday Night", you can sort of make it out. Realy quite amazing:

  4. WOW! Thanks for the heads up. Coincidentally I have been a fund raiser for MS for over ten years. Small world.


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