Thursday, March 12, 2009


My last post was rather grim and I feel like it is necessary to follow it with counterpoint. My life is not all consumed by my illness but there is a dark cloud that hovers in the vicinity. But there are moments of sunshine that tells me things aren't so bad.

A recent ray (of sunshine): We have a faux (fake) fir tree near the entrance to our front door. At Christmas we plug it in and it lights up. I'm into low maintenance decorations and it fits the bill.

Sunday as my son, Scott, was leaving for work he got a little thrill. He then shared the thrill with his mother, who then shared it with me in the form of a shriek. I yelled, "WHAT?" She responded with a louder shriek that I misinterpreted as a "Big Spider Shriek."

It was actually the "Medium-sized Snake Shriek!" I did what any protective husband and father would do..... I ran to my car to get my camera.

Actually, it was the snake's good fortune that I was home because my wife has a history of torturing the poor creatures with wasp spray or long handled shovels. I just let him go into the edge of the woods to go eat mice.

It was fun! We are still making memories and having laughs. Rays of sunshine in the form of a snake. How ironic is that?

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