Monday, August 24, 2009

Fruits of My Labor.....

Two or three months ago I posted about planting my annual garden. Last month I posted (whined) about caterpillars. Today's post is about the good news.

My garden has done well and is producing loads of GREAT tomatoes and an abundance of flowers for Superwoman's weekly flower arrangement.

For years, every Sunday, I have tried to cut flowers and do an arrangement for Superwoman to take to work on Monday.

This accomplishes three things:
  1. It makes Superwoman happy.
  2. It makes me look better than I am to her co-workers.
  3. It causes her co-workers to give their husbands grief about the husband of the lady at work that is so loving that he gives her flowers every week.
Truth me told, I've saved a fortune. Seriously, it was always relaxing to walk to my garden after a tough twelve hour day at work and commune with nature. Recently I've cut way back to ten hour days, but I still enjoy the garden. I still cut the flowers but my arranging days are coming to an end.

This year I planted more perennials so they'll be flowers after I can no longer plant. I'll sure miss those homegrown tomatoes.


  1. These tomatoes look so tasty! And what can I say about the flower arrangements? Every week, you said? Oh, my, your Superwoman is a lucky lady! ;)

  2. Yum...I want to make some pico de gallo now.

  3. Those are some beautiful flowers. And, wow, I might have worked more often in my old man's garden if it had been as nice and well-tended as yours.

  4. Consider coming to Michigan to watch the Iceman race:

    I think spending a weekend in Northern Michigan in November might make everything in Tennessee seem a bit better. Oh yeah, a computer glitch allowed like 4000 racers to enter the race instead of the normal 2000 max. Add chaos to bitter cold for a little perspective.

  5. Leni,
    I said I "tried" to do them every week. Winter it's not possible, but I do two a week in the summer (one for work and one for her dressing table) so it probably averages out.

    Happy Hour,
    I took some tomatoes to work yesterday and they made tomato, white bread, and mayonnaise sandwiches. They were a big hit. Only in the South!?

    MMmmmmm. Using your kids as garden slaves. Great idea!

    We have an annual Polar Bear ride on New Year's Day. I road in 2006 (temps high 30s) and I swore "NEVER AGAIN!" Watching someone else do it might be fun.

  6. Zen,
    I mean I RODE on the road in 2006.

  7. Hehehe, then in summer she's twice as lucky as in winter. Yes, indeed, that compensates!

  8. The tomatoes look yummy and the flower arrangement is absolutely beautiful. I too, love tooling around outside. I don't even let Chris mow the lawn. I do it. It's peaceful and you see the fruits of your labor.

  9. Theresa,
    We differ on one point. I don't care who mows the yard! :0


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