Friday, May 8, 2009

Dove of my Life....

A few weeks ago I was taking a walk on the trails on my property when I came across this broken bird's egg. I always take my camera on these walks because I never know what I might see. I snapped a photo but thought it was kind of sad and didn't use it until now.

I'm always looking for some metaphorical relationship between my photos and my blog. This time there is no need.

I was walking on the same trail, in the same spot a couple of days ago when I came across this little guy. Lucky paid him no mind. It was nice to know that there was more than one egg in the nest.

Life goes on.....

Of course you know to click on images for larger view!


  1. Hi Bob!

    Well... I don't quite dare, but i'm first here. New here too -btw, thanks for following-. I loved your post. It gives me an intense feeling of hope. Right, life goes on.

    Take care. ;))

  2. LQ - I'm quite the neophyte when it comes to blogging (especially when compared to you) but I find it cathartic. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. It is cathartic, indeed. And very soothing too.
    I learned a lot from an old blogger from the UK. And yet, I never stop learning. So welcome to the blogsphere, and keep on posting. ;)


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