Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Lone Egg....

Being in retail, I work loads of hours and ALL Saturdays. For years I've taken Tuesdays off. This one was fortuitous.

I've been watching the Wren family every morning as I prepare for work, with a clear view from my bathroom window.

I've often walked over to take a photo before leaving for work.

There were initially four eggs but it seemed that only two chicks were visible. They grew at an amazing pace.

This morning, as I watched, it seemed the adults were visiting the nest in a rather nervous fashion (I believe wrens drink LOTS of coffee) and seldom feeding the chicks.

I took a break from their show to do some work when I heard feverish chirping outside. I grabbed my camera and went to the window just as the last chick was peering over the edge of the planter that the nest was in.

And instant later it was gone!

I quickly rushed outside to take this one picture and went inside, visiting the nest one more time as I past. It was empty except for one lone egg.


  1. Wow! They grow real fast! Almost like humans, don't they? Is the last egg still an egg?

  2. L.Q.
    Between my first photo of the eggs to the chick leaving the nest was 16 days!

    When is an egg no longer an egg? We still call it egg on the breakfast plate.


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