Friday, May 22, 2009

Mental Agility....

I just got back from visit to my neurologist. She ask me the standard questions including how the medication (Sinemet) was doing. I told her I quit taking it over a month ago.

The side effects out performed the benefits. I believe the medicine contributed to the emotional roller coaster I was riding. Now that I'm off it, I only lose control in private.

She also gave me some mental agility tests. I won't make the Olympics but I was above normal. That 's scary considering there were flashcards involved that I believe I first saw in kindergarten.

On another note: I inadvertantly ticked off a reader who has been recommending that I go to WalMart and buy coconut oil. He/She said it "might add six months to my life." I responded that I would take six HEALTHY months but that I didn't want to add six months to the end. I think I hurt her/his feelings. Sorry, but I hate going to WalMart!

On another note.....a house wren set up house in a hanging plant outside my bathroom window (again). I quit watering the plant so I made the choice to kill the plant to save the birds.

I 'll keep you informed.


  1. Glad to know your mental agility tests were fine.

    About coconut oil... that desn't sound like a scientificaly tested method to heal any disease. I' not surprised yo reacted like that, even though the intenion was good.

    You made a good choice with the birds. Seems like there will be a big gang there in a ew days. I will be fun to hear them after your morning shower.

    PS.- Today I found out that the water splashing sound comes from the dolphi in your sitemeter. It's nice and refreshing.

  2. L.Q. - This first time someone recommended coconut oil, I asked if pina coladas worked.

  3. I agree with Leni- good choice about the birds. Plants can come back later, but it's not every day you get to see baby birds up close like that.

    Bonus: If the peepinn and chirping gets on your nerves, I'm pretty sure there's some good soup recipes that you can dig up. You can't do that with plants, dude.

    I'm pretty sure coconut oil cures everything, and will be the final ingredient needed for world peace. I think I saw that on Oprah or something, so it must be true.

  4. Benny - (Oh wait, you're NOT Benny)!

    I Googled "Wren Soup" and the results were hilarious.

    Coconut Curry Soup posted by H. Wren! I can't seem to escape this coconut thing.

  5. Your brain is starving. That's one of the problems with CBD: It's having trouble using glucose. The only alternative is to use ketones. You get ketones by consuming medium chain triglycerides. Read Dr. Mary Newport's blog on her experiments with giving her husband medium chain triglycerides.

  6. Swarf:

    Dr. Newport's blog is about her husband's problem with severe dementia and an assumed connection between coconut oil and his symptom relief. One patient is hardly a clinical trial.

    CBGD is unique in that it often is NOT accompanied by dementia. Here's hoping.


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