Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Wife Is Leaving Me...

Not really, but it's a catchy title.

Actually, we were talking last night and she brought up her best friend who had gone through a bout with breast cancer a few years back. In the midst of the battle her husband broke camp and left.

My wife, now facing a hard few years with me, said she couldn't imagine how a spouse could abandon someone in their darkest hours.

I asked for at least two weeks notice.

See, I still have a sense of humor.


  1. Not nice Bob, not nice... haha.. I use a blog reader that just shows me the titles first, then I click on the ones I want to read... that title sure got my attention! I agree with your request for 2 weeks notice for sure! hahaha... yes, glad to see you still have a sense of humor as well!

  2. Teehee....I knew that.

    My wife once asked me if she died would I remarry. I said, "Probably." She asked if we would continue to live in the same house. I said, "Probably." She asked, with increasing tension, would we still use the same bed. I said, "It's a good bed." She snapped, "I suppose you'll let her use my golf clubs too!" I said, "No...she's left handed." heh-heh

  3. Bob, you made me smile this time!

    I agree with your wife -can't imagine how can anyone abandon their significant other in such circumstances-.

    Let me give you an example that in my view, deserves some admiration: I have a friend whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. They were about to divorce before that. He got her the best treatment -he's a doctor and has good contacts- and she was healed.

    After this, their relationship has not improved in the least. They have separate lives but they still live together. He says he feels responsible for her health. I don't think this is love, but rather honesty and integrity. He's a decent soul and a good man.

    Back to your post... your wife looks like she's a strong woman -very nice picture, I like her expression-. And she follows your excellent sense of humour, haha!

  4. LQ - Actually it's a lousy photo (focus)of a great lady.

    She reads my blog but denies it. We'll see if that photo doesn't bring her out of the closet. :-)


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